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9401 Nall Avenue Suite 202 Prairie Village, KS 66207    (913) 948-6602

About Us

“When the body has the support it needs, it has incredible potential to heal.”
~ Dr. Ang Ribaste

Dr. Ang Ribaste

Ang Ribaste, D.C., owner of Prairie Village Chiropractic, helps clients of all ages achieve life-long optimum health and peak performance by providing a full spectrum of holistic chiropractic care and brain health support in a family-oriented environment.

Dr. Ang has spent more than 20 years helping her clients move with greater ease through preventative care and restorative treatments that address painful and challenging conditions, including sports injuries, concussions, neuropathy and more.

A painful, personal road to recovery.

Following her own demoralizing struggles as a patient navigating the medical system, Dr. Ang is passionate about providing personalized, professional and drug-free care.

In 2015, Dr. Ang experienced a life-altering and devastating traumatic brain injury after a freak car accident. The brain injury upended her life, making daily activities painful and overwhelming. She struggled to concentrate at work, drive, grocery shop, sleep, or enjoy her favorite pastimes like reading, going to concerts, attending sporting events and spending time with friends.

Anything visually stimulating or noisy would cause overwhelm and agonizing pain in her neck and head.

Then in 2016, she consulted with a chiropractic neurologist in Texas, and her road to recovery finally began. The injury and subsequent recovery transformed her career trajectory.

Specializing in a holistic approach to brain health.

Dr. Ang is one of the few chiropractors in the area who is specially trained in nasal-specific or nasal cranial technique, which relieves symptoms related to traumatic brain injuries and has been shown to relieve allergies, anxiety, depression and PTSD. She also holds certifications in Chiropractic Spinal Trauma, Cox Flexion Distraction, Erchonia laser and Interactive metronome.

Dr. Ang received her Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland College. She believes that to heal from injury, pain or chronic disease, you must not only care for your spine but also address other important factors that impact health like nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. To that end, she works closely with her clients to help them achieve their individual wellness goals.

13 Fun Facts About Dr. Ang

Dr. Ang loves spending time with her sweet fur baby Salvatore, a familiar face at PV Chiropractic who takes his role as Chief Greeter seriously. When he’s not on the job, he’s playing ball and nosing around new parks. Be sure and follow Salvy’s adventures on Instagram.

If you love pickleball—or any athletic endeavor—Dr. Ang is in your court. Determined to enhance her pickleball game, Dr. Ang is focused on improving brain agility and eye function to improve hand-eye coordination.

A native of Kansas City, Dr. Ang is a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan—even during the lean years—and also loves the Kansas City Royals and the KU Jayhawks.

Dr. Ang completed a 100-mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe twice—once to fulfill a bucket list item and once to honor her dear friend Mike.

Dr. Ang is especially proud of the fact that more than half of her clients are as committed to their well-being as she is and receive care in her practice regularly to stay healthy and active for life!

Clients and friends describe Dr. Ang as a good listener, funny, personable, outgoing, thoughtful and empathetic.

From singing along with her friends at a country music concert to relaxing at the symphony, Dr. Ang enjoys listening to a variety of music genres and visiting local venues.

Leading by example, Dr. Ang invests in her well-being through regular chiropractic appointments, acupuncture, massage, exercise and following a nutritious diet. She supports her spiritual and emotional health through positive mindset development and meditation.

An adventurous, active traveler, Dr. Ang plans to hike Manitou Springs in honor of one of her besties later this year.

Dr. Ang is an active member of the community, including serving as a Wellness Champion for the Wellness Consortium, which includes holistic healthcare providers and vendors from across the Kansas City area.

Dr. Ang’s passionate advocacy for brain health is not only driven by her personal experiences but also from watching her beloved grandfather, Papa, suffer from Alzheimer’s.

As a lifelong learner who is always on the hunt for new information she can share with her clients, Dr. Ang loves reading nonfiction—but she says she’s also a sucker for a good rom-com!

You’re never too old to play—in fact, it’s essential to a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways, Dr. Ang loves to relax is by getting into her creative flow with Legos. Check out her display next time you visit her office!